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3 min readMar 23, 2022


This new design updates and modernizes our page, allowing for easier discovery and showcase of our great content.

Our homepage has been updated with several new and improved features.

Our redesigned page makes it easier to identify our finest stories as well as new stuff that may be of interest to you. Furthermore, we wanted to better highlight the variety of The Editeur’s content.

We’ve also updated our design and upgraded the page’s technological base to make it faster, especially on mobile devices.

These top stories are hand-picked by our editorial staff and are updated throughout the day.

Don’t Miss the new HOT NEWS sidebar.

The “Hot News” module highlights the important stories of the day, as well as our most popular stories that you may have missed if you haven’t visited in a little bit. You can quickly catch up on all the stories that people are talking about.

Trending stories are now on the front page, so you can get up to speed on the biggest stories taking off right now.

Our trending algorithm quickly reveals the most recent, relevant stories, and it’s one of our top units that keeps our users coming back for more — so we wanted to highlight it more prominently.

The latest stories are the same “feed” you know and love, now with category call-outs to help you scan for your favorite topics faster.

Given all the different types of content that we publish, we wanted to help our readers quickly find what they’re looking for.

And you can now watch the best of The Editeur Video content, right from our homepage.

Our most viral video content from all over the internet is now viewable in a new separate video section that doesn’t require any effort to watch.

Let us know what you think!

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